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    Mar 13th 2008 12:00AM
    Who knew?

    Anyone here from Equatorial Guinea? Perhaps Montserrat or the Cook Islands?

    Reason why I ask is that the DMOZ team was amazed to see the global reach of our audience. In February, we saw visitors from 200+ "countries" to Not a misprint...200+.

    That's huge! Everything from heavily industrialized nations to protectorates on far reaches of the Earth with populations of less than 1200 people.

    The usual & expected countries are represented near the top in terms of traffic.

    Places like the US, UK, Russia, Italy, Japan, Australia, France and Spain. Not a big surprise given the depth of content we have the active editor base in these parts of the world.

    What's pretty cool and completely unexpected was the volume of traffic that came from places like this:

    South Korea - not so surprising actually : )
    Cote D Ivoire

    And then the "long tail" of traffic from places like:

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    Cook Islands

    And a single visitor each from:

    Christmas Island & North Korea

    There are 180 additional places that we could mention and perhaps we'll start sharing that on a monthly basis if that is something you all would like to see.

    What this limited view shows ( to us ) is the impact of our volunteers. We've created something that has global reach and utility. It shows there is a need and genuine preference to access a human edited directory. That some folks here on planet Earth simply prefer the wisdom of experts and fellow countrymen to that of machines to find what they want on the web.

    And if it is localized to your part of the world or the language you're most fluent in-even better.

    Cheers to all the mozzie fans from Togo to Macau and hope to see more of you in next month's report! And if anyone here is from an interesting global location...say hi and tell us where.

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