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    May 8th 2008 9:10AM
    "DMOZ Is Like Gold"
    Isn't that awesome!

    We would like to thank to the good folks over at for the love they sent our way in their post on 'How To Optimize For Google.' A piece that takes a holistic look at optimizing for search engines and today's this portion spoke to all the types of webmaster tools-including directories that are available.

    Not that I'm biased, but I think we can all agree that the most exciting take away is that search engines love place a different value on free, human edited directories. The point is easily debatable. Perhaps a link in DMOZ is as valuable as any other link on the web or maybe it is worth more. Purely sharing the comment and curious what you all think.

    Link to article here. Ctrl+F - type in DMOZ and you're there.

    Quotes below ( underline added by me - strikethrough to show "what not to do" )

    Getting a site into DMOZ is like Gold.

    Google loves links from DMOZ and your site will reap the benefits.

    The big catch however is actually getting your site into the directory in the first place. Find the perfect category for your site and check to see if it has an editor. If you see a link "Volunteer to edit this category" try and find another relevant location. Pages without active editors take much longer to get listed into. Once you find the perfect directory submit your site every 4-6 months until listed. If you are lucky you will get in eventually.

    UPDATE...the one part where this article is off ( and not helpful in getting your site into DMOZ ) is in the multiple submissions...this actually won't help your chances at all.

    Also, there is a great post from Bob Keating to check into on 'Why Hasn't My Site Been Accepted Into DMOZ" specifically including this passage here:

    No one is monitoring the category. While a few categories in DMOZ may not have a listed editor that doesn't mean there's no one minding the store. All editors listed higher in a category's hierarchy can and do edit subcategories. In addition, many editors have permissions to edit anywhere in the directory.
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