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    Since 1998, DMOZ has been the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. Supported by AOL, it is constructed and maintained by a passionate, global community of volunteer editors.
    Jan 21st 2009 3:10PM
    ODP Help Resources

    A lot of the feedback we see on the blog actually has to do more with house keeping questions about DMOZ than with the topics we're covering. This week, we hope to clear up some of the confusion by highlighting the great resources that already exist to answer the most common questions.

    I know of a great site! How do I suggest it for inclusion in the directory?

    The short answer is that you find the appropriate category for your site and click on the "Suggest URL" link in the page header. This will take you to the suggestion form specifically for this category where you can submit your site. The suggestion form also contains helpful information about the type of sites that belong in this category.

    Please note that you have to be within a category in order to get to the suggestion form via this link. If you click this link from the main page, you'll get instructions for suggestion rather than the suggestion form itself.

    You may also notice that some high-level categories are lacking "Suggest URL" links. This is intentional, and it occurs in categories that are too broad to accept suggestions. If you encounter this situation while attempting to suggest a site, please select an appropriate sub-category and use the suggestion form available there instead.

    Complete details on how to submit a site (along with some tips to help make your suggestion easier for editors to review) can be found in our help section.

    Ok, I suggested my site. Why can't I see it in the directory?

    Back in October, we covered this topic in a blog post explaining the review process.

    Please keep in mind that all of our editors are volunteers they have a variety of sources from which they select sites for inclusion in the directory. It may take time to review sites in the suggestion pool so we are unable to provide an estimate for review time or any other status updates for any particular site. We cannot respond to individual requests for review or status received via blog comments.

    Hey, I'm an editor, but I can't log in! What's up with that?

    If you've forgotten your password, you can request that it be reset.

    If you know your password, but you haven't logged in for a while, chances are that your account simply timed out. If you'd like to get started again, you can apply for reinstatement.

    If you're still having problems logging in, you can also try the public forums at Resource Zone where current editors should be able to help you out.

    Uh-oh, something is wrong. How do I tell someone so it can be fixed?
    If you find a broken link in the directory, please let us know! The process for doing this is similar to the site suggestion process. When you find the broken link, use the "Update Listing" link in the category header to access that category's reporting form.

    While the vast majority of our editors are committed to bettering the directory, there are unfortunate occasions on which the directory's integrity is threatened by an editor acting in his or her own best interest rather than in the best interest of the ODP community. If you see something that you feel is suspicious, you can report it by using our abuse reporting system.

    If you encounter a bug while using DMOZ (for example, if you get an error message while attempting to submit a site), please tell us! We have a public forum for Quality Control issues at Resource Zone.

    But Emily, you still didn't answer my question!
    Sorry about that! There are a number of other helpful resources that you can try. If you're an editor, you can check in the editor forums. Public forums are available through Resource Zone. And, of course, there is the DMOZ help site which provides an overview of the directory and its policies and procedures.

    (Updated 5 Feb 2009 to clarify status update & site review request rules)
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