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    Nov 20th 2009 8:19PM
    What is in the news?
    Hey everyone,

    As we've highlighted in the past, directory searches can be very helpful if you're looking for a broad overview of a general topic. Have you ever thought about how you might be able to use this to learn more about current events? Editor glippitt has put together an article that highlights some of the excellent current events categories available in DMOZ.


    - - - - - - - - - -
    According to the front page of the US version of Google News recently, the top stories were Obama's trip to China (what's their government been saying and doing lately?), Sarah Palin's new book (what did she say about the notorious Katie Couric interviews?), and unilateral Palestinian steps (whatever happened to the Roadmap?). Want some background information to help inform your views on these topics? Check out the relevant DMOZ categories:
    Barack Obama
    Sarah Palin
    Palestinian Territory
    Israel-Palestine Conflict

    Under World News there was also the UN food summit (what else is the UN doing these days?) and climate change (isn't something happening in Copenhagen soon?):
    United Nations
    Climate change

    U.S. news included the New Jersey car license plate issue (is the state government that desperate for money?) and trying the terrorist suspects in NYC (how does the civilian court system work, and how does it differ from the military court option?):
    New Jersey government
    War on Terrorism
    Judicial Branch
    U.S. Military Law

    Medical companies (how are they reacting to healthcare reform?), the Japanese economy (is it recovering?), and Asian stocks (how have their stock markets been doing?) were in the Business news:
    Healthcare Business
    Japan Business and Economy
    Asia Business and Economy

    Sci/Tech included NASA and the Mars Rover (what else is going on in the space program?), Super Mario Bros. Wii (how many Mario Bros. games are there, anyway?), and digital books (which is the best e-book reader for my mother?):
    Mario Games
    Digital Books

    Entertainment news was about the Oscars (didn't they change the format this year?) and The Twilight Saga: New Moon film (what's the history of vampires in art?):
    Academy Awards

    Sports news centered on football (where can I find some official gear or memorabilia to give someone?) and Nascar (where are the fan sites, chats and forums?):
    2010 Winter Olympics

    Health news focused on healthcare legislation (what's that public option all about?), the swine flu (who's most at risk?), and the effectiveness of popular cholesterol drugs (what about the drugs I'm taking?):
    U.S. Healthcare Reform
    A-H1N1 (Swine flu)
    Drugs and Medications

    Our editors are from countries all over the world, with varied backgrounds and interests. What we all have in common is a desire to volunteer some of our time to research topics for the benefit of our users. Good as search engines are these days, the efforts of human editors to find, review, categorize, annotate - and cull! - websites on a topic can often save you time and effort. Maybe we'll help you find sites which aren't 'popular' enough to rank high in the search engine results, but are especially informative. Maybe we'll build a sub-category which you hadn't even thought about. Maybe you'll follow one of our links to a related category. However you use what we've created, remember we did this for you. Not for website owners or website designers or SEO specialists, but for people using the web to improve their knowledge and understanding, and to find what they're looking for.

    In this season of thanksgiving, whether you celebrate it as a national holiday or through your general thoughts, please take a moment to reflect and give thanks for all the volunteers in the world donating their time and efforts to help others. DMOZ is just one of these efforts, but it's one we as Dmoz editors care about very much. Happy Thanksgiving!
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