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    About DMOZ
    Since 1998, DMOZ has been the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. Supported by AOL, it is constructed and maintained by a passionate, global community of volunteer editors.
    Aug 2nd 2013 2:24PM

    The Open Directory Project is 100% human edited and driven by a large number of Volunteer Editors.

    What this means is that these people perform all the actions of creating and maintaining a human edited Internet directory, in between the real life pressures of work, looking after children and the other hundreds of mundane tasks that I could mention.

    The organization runs remarkably well as long as one bears in mind that these people are donating their personal time to the Project and that every minute is precious and appreciated. In a way it self-organizes, much like bees in a hive (the queen is imo the software and the servers provided by AOL) – Editors see something that could be done, or can be improved and they bring it to the community's attention. Forum discussions take place, a consensus is reached and then an Editor, or a number of Editors will work towards getting it done.

    Although different types of editors have permissions to do different things in the directory, at a community level we are all as close to an online democracy as it's possible to get. Conflicts do occur, but since we have a common goal, they are usually resolved by discussion between peers. Although it sounds fantastic it does have one major downside: Things that can be done in a few minutes in a classic business model may take longer in our collaborative community. To agree on something, even tentatively, editors need to have time to see proposals in the forums, consider them, discuss things and reach a consensus (using Latin words like forum and consensus is a reminder that "Rome wasn't built in a day")... This can be frustrating but it ensures that Editors of all levels can have their say and argue their point.
    To help reinforce the sense of community that makes the directory possible, we regularly organize online events such as the Mozzie Awards and various editing challenges. The Mozzie Awards contain genuine awards for things such as "Best New Sports Editor", "Best Regional Editor" and many other categories, all of which are voted upon by their Peers. We also have some tongue-in-cheek awards such as "Meanest Meta", "Most Longwinded Editor", or even "The Cutest Couple" for editors who happen or choose to work together in certain categories. Voting in the humorous categories can be frantic and fierce... Editors have been known to try many ways to swing votes, for or against themselves.
    The challenges are usually to work together in a specific area of the directory, reviewing things like site suggestions or update requests. When many editors work in a smaller area, the results are immediately visible.

    DMOZ is different from any other directory in that we are not financially driven, Editors do not have to achieve an Editing Quota and there is no financial reward or incentive for editing. Along those lines, no site can gain entry into the directory by any method other than a Volunteer Editor choosing to list a site that meets our guidelines. There is no paid option for inclusion.

    This post is actually a proof of concept – the community was short of a blog entry, I noticed, and got myself enrolled (or shanghaied) to write it... I have donated my personal time to aid the community and this is simply one of many ways that I help, besides basic editing.

    Whether it is holding down a job, looking for work or looking after one's family, volunteering for a project like this inevitably means sacrificing a bit of something else. If you think you watch too much television, or you spend too much time playing WoW or Candy Crush, consider becoming part of something more challenging... You may find it as satisfying as I do.

    elper – who sacrificed Spider Solitaire
    snooks – who sacrificed washing his car
    Jul 19th 2013 3:23PM
    DMOZ now has an official Twitter Account!
    Get directory news and updates by visiting and clicking the follow button.
    Jun 27th 2013 5:47PM
    We have all seen those ugly sites......... the ones with snow falling down across the screen. The sites with dark backgrounds, fluorescent orange writing in different size fonts that make it hard to read and that annoying music that always seems out of place.

    Some webmasters complain and ask us why we list these sites. They are annoyed that their site isn't listed, even though it has great "sliding" photos and all the tricks that modern software such as Wordpress, can provide.

    The answer is simple. DMOZ Volunteer Editors review each site according to the Editing Guidelines, specifically which sites can or cannot be included.

    • The site must have unique content. Many features of the site itself may be similar to other sites. The theme, the layout, the colours.... but the site is not listable unless it has unique content. Unique content is content that is not readily found elsewhere, or content that puts forward the site owners point of view, or perspective. Most sites that pertain to a specific business, or in the case of personal sites, a specific person, include by their very nature, unique content. They meet the listing guidelines as long as there is also sufficient content (e.g., not a business card site).

    • The site must not be an affiliate site that simply redirects through referral links to another website. Why would we list one of hundreds of sites with the same content, when we can simply list the main Affiliate site?

    Editors do not review the site on how well it is designed, how appealing it is to the eye or how technically advanced it is. A simple html site on a free host may well have good, valid content and examples of this are found on the Angelfire platform. That is why some of these sites are listed and the fact that they are hosted on a free server makes no difference to the listability.

    Editors are looking for sites that offer information to the Net Surfer. If you hope to have your site included in DMOZ, the answer is to simply build it with the focus being on the provision of informative and unique content. If your visitors find it interesting and they keep returning, then you most probably have a site that is listable in DMOZ.

    [Written by editor snooks]
    Mar 14th 2011 6:33PM
    Hi Everyone!

    Today we're happy to bring you the first in an occasional series of posts which will highlight some DMOZ categories on popular, noteworthy and breaking news topics.


    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The 2011 Christchurch Earthquake and the 2011 Cricket World Cup
    An aftershock of the 2010 earthquake, the quake that struck the Canterbury region of New Zealand's South Island at 12:51 pm on 22 February 2011 local time was more destructive and deadlier than its predecessor. The epicenter of the 6.3-magnitude quake was two kilometers west of the port village of Lyttelton and ten kilometers southeast of Christchurch. Hundreds have been reported dead or missing and estimates of the damage exceed NZ$16 billion.

    Editor bldarter has collected a comprehensive set of listings, including RSS feeds, covering the disaster and its aftermath: Christchurch NZ 2011.

    In an interview, Pete Dawson told Television New Zealand, "We'll rebuild. Of course, we will. We're resilient people, we're Cantabrians, you know. And we've got a World Cup to look forward to."

    As if on cue, bldarter also provides DMOZ's 2011 Cricket World Cup coverage.

    The 2010 Copiapo Mining Accident
    On August 5, 2010, the San Jose mine, 28 miles north of Copiapo, Chile collapsed trapping thirty-three miners 2,300 feet underground. On October 13, 2010, after sixty-nine days underground, all thirty-three miners were rescued.

    The story doesn't end there. The news media and a blogger bring us the miners' continuing stories: 2010 Copiapo Mining Accident.

    Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
    A musical comedy mini-series, it is the story of Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris) on his mission to become a true villain and join the elite Evil League of Evil, all while enamoured with his love interest Penny (Felicia Day), and impeded by his nemesis Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion). In addition to the mini-series there is a series of comic books, some of which centre around the supporting characters.

    Directed by Joss Whedon and written during the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike, the story was created as an inexpensive mini-series to show a professional production could be produced without the assistance of big corporations. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog was aired online July 15-19, 2008. Early the following year, a special in-character appearance aired during the 2009 Emmy Awards. Emmy Award winning, the series also won a Hugo award for Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form), the People's Choice Awards USA for Favorite Online Sensation, and seven Streamy Awards.

    Enjoy the category Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, created by editor shadowlight.

    Author Laura Hillenbrand
    Laura Hillenbrand's first book, Seabiscuit: An American Legend (2001) tells the account of Seabiscuit, the unlikely champion racehorse owned by a former bicycle mechanic, trained by reticent "Silent Tom", ridden by a jockey beset by bad luck and life-threatening injuries. Seabiscuit captured the hearts of Americans during the Great Depression. The bestselling book was made into a movie in 2003.

    Hillenbrand's second book, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption, released in November, 2010, tells the story of Louis Zamperini, a runner whose Olympic aspirations were interrupted by World War II. A bombadier on a B-42, he survived a plane crash and was adrift in the Pacific Ocean for 47 days before being captured and held as a prisoner of war until the war ended. The screen rights to the book, a New York Times bestseller and named top book of 2010 by Time, have been acquired by Universal Pictures.

    Find out more about this author who not only has written two bestsellers but done so while incapacitated by illness: Laura Hillenbrand

    Japan Earthquake

    Within hours of the disaster, editors had compiled listings of sites providing information about the earthquake and the tsunami it triggered, including news sites in Japan: Sendai, Japan 2011 and, thanks to afsitalia, 2011 - Séisme et tsunami au Japon.
    Feb 4th 2011 12:50PM
    International Growth & Expansion
    Expansion of World/Ukrainian
    During 2010, the number of listed sites in the World/Ukrainian branch increased by approximately 50% and Editor School was offered for the first time in this branch. Additionally, two editors attained high-level permissions in this area: one was granted access to the top level and the other received CatMod permissions.

    Editor Promotions in World/Russian
    The World/Russian branch promoted a team of senior editors (CatMod and Editall permission levels). These editors are ilyawww, raouf, tanstaaf1, vader and valeryiv. This is an important step for the Russian branch and ODP overall.

    Addition of New Language Branches
    Last year, salis created four new language branches including World/Kyrgyz, World/O'zbekcha, World/Türkmençe, and World/Uyghurche. In 2010, editors completed work to add World/Bashkir to the directory, and this language was activated in January 2011.

    Tool Development Work
    The editor community builds and maintains tools to help improve editing processes. During 2010, editors chaos127, development, jtaylorj, plantrob and rpfuller all worked to upgrade critical editor tools to keep directory processes running smoothly.

    Personal Editor Milestones
    Editor Anniversaries
    We had a number of editors who celebrated their tenth anniversary with the directory in 2010. Congratulations on a decade of service go out to the following editors: albinfo, anthronet, bkalafut, boni, eddiep, edseward, ikw, jdaw1, kokopeli, liszt, mcowley, mngolden, motsa, ock, pvgool, rd232, sammy, smoorefu, stn77 and sutty.

    Special Thanks...
    For the past two years, we've had several editors who have worked collaboratively with our AOL Staff team to provide an editorial perspective to our ongoing projects and processes. Photofox, plantrob and sthenbelle's contributions have been invaluable, and we're very grateful that they have given additional time and effort as editor liaisons.

    In Memoriam

    Sadly, editor cicka passed away in 2010. She was a Catmod in both World/Srpski and World/Magyar. Her contributions to the directory were numerous, and included opening a new Editor School for World/Srpski. She will be greatly missed.

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